Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lecture notes for week 3

Dear all students,
I have submitted the new note for our lecture for tomorrow class.
You can check the note on your MyGURU2 site.
Hope all of you can print it and bring it to the class.


Nurul Nadia Az-zahra said...

ok thank you for your note..
its better because i know what you want to lecture in the class before class start..

aida stailish88 said...

i will print it..

Nurul Nadia Az-zahra said...

i hope u will upload the note for the other class..::..

alienware_upsi said...

i will bring it....:))

anyyss said...

i'll c it

shue_zakaria said...

i'll read dat note before our class start..=)

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